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Web based drug testing
eScreen is a technology-enabled Third Party Administrator (TPA) that provids next generation employment screening applications for hiring and maintaining healthy and drug-free workforces.  SCS is an approved eScreen provider by the NY State Department of Health.  This paperless, web-based system enables employers to receive a drug screen result at our office within 15 minutes of the time the individual takes their test.  This enables the employer to hire quickly based on receiving the results immediately, rather than waiting  2-3 days for the results. 


eCup - The eCup is a patented urine collection device designed to allow for rapid, under-seal screening.  A major advantage to our "smart" cup is that it doesn't require human intervention or interpretation, no chance for human error.  The lid contains several embedded reagent test strips that are sensitive to the five-test SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) profile cutoff levels.  The lid's test strips also detects and provide adulteration panels for pH, creatinine and nitrates.

eReader - The eReader is a sophisticated appliance that uses digital technology to scan the test lid of a sealed eCup, providing an automated, objective, confidential testing process.  The eReader uses bar code technology, coupled with optical imaging, to electronically capture the drug results without the subjectivity of a clinician reading them.  Within 15 minutes, the eReader reports a negative or positive result.

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